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Somos RAMS

The Somos (We Are) Rams Freshman Leadership Retreat is hosted by El Centro and geared towards first-year students. The purpose of the retreat is to build community, foster cultural awareness, and develop identity and diversity knowledge. Participants learn to embrace and strengthen their cultural values, traditions, and leadership skills. Somos Rams aims to enhance the first-year student experience through participation in a lturally relevant leadership retreat. The majority of the teambuilders, icebreakers, and activities are created and facilitated by student facilitators who are either El Centro student staff or volunteers. 

Somos Rams is a weekend retreat beginning on a Friday afternoon and ending on a Sunday evening. For the 2019 fall semester, the retreat will take place September 27th to September 29th. The retreat is located at the YMCA resort in Estes Park. 

For more information contact Brandy Ortiz at brandy.ortiz@colostate.edu or El Centro at (970) 491-5722.

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