Somos Rams is a leadership retreat for first-year Latinx students run through El Centro. Its purpose is to engage in leadership skill development, make community connections, and self-development. We hope to increase cultural insight and create a closer community. The retreat focuses on helping students find what it means to be a leader, establish a meaningful connection with other Latinx identified students on campus, encourage and support active engagement at CSU, and overall find a community on campus.

Somos Rams takes place at The YMCA resort in Estes Park for a weekend. There will be a variety of activities such as games, culture, resources, community, and what it means to be a leader facilitated by 4-6 student leaders.

For this fall semester 2018, the retreat will take place on September 21st - 23rd. For more information contact El Centro at (970) 491-5722.

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