The Somos Rams Leadership Retreat selects 25 CSU second semester first-year Hispanic/Latino/a students to participate. This retreat continues the be student-centered as El Centro student staff are the facilitators for each of the activities throughout the weekend. Participants learn to embrace and strengthen their Hispanic/Latino/a cultural values, traditions and leadership skills. The Somos Rams Leadership Retreat aims to enhance the Hispanic/Latino/a freshmen student experience at Colorado State University through participation in a culturally relevant leadership retreat and increase their knowledge regarding resources with the El Centro office and the CSU campus.



The purpose of the Somos Rams Leadership Retreat is to engage in leadership skill

development, make community connections, and self-development. We hope to increase 

cultural insight and create a closer community!

Core Values

Leadership development: Activities will have a primary focus on creating self 

definitions of what it means to be a leader, the different types of leaders, and how to take 

action as future leaders. Participants will be able to reflect and share how they choose to 

lead others. 

Community: The retreat aims to establish meaningful and close relationships with 

other Latinos on campus. To do this, there will be activities in both small and large groups, 

games, and free time activities. The goal by the end of the retreat is to come back to campus 

having a close group of supporters and friends for the rest of the college journey. 

Cultural Pride: Throughout the retreat there will be a variety of activities that will 

draw from cultural backgrounds, mainly Latino based, but will also practice inclusivity with 

the willingness of participants to share their backgrounds. Spaces to share individual 

stories, bonding over similarities, and embracing differencing will be made. 

Engagement: The retreat will support active engagement throughout the weekend 

as well as continuing this engagement after the retreat in the CSU community. Leadership 

and involvement opportunities will be provided to the participants. Specifically the 

opportunity to be a facilitator in future retreats. 

Self Development: The development of a participant’s character, abilities, pride, and 

recognizing self-value will be focuses of the retreat activities. A time of reflection at the end 

of the retreat will also provide the participants with time to share their thoughts of the 


Target Audience

The retreat attendees are primarily first year, Latin students. Although some first

year transfer students are welcome to apply!

Program Structure

The retreat is one weekend in late February at the YMCA in Estes Park. Throughout

the weekend, there will be a variety of activities such as games, culture, resources, 

community, and what it means to be a leader. 

There are approximately 25 participants each year who attend with approximately 4-6 

student facilitators who lead the activities over the weekend.

The goal is to remain student centered, and is created by upper-class students (sophomore, 

juniors, seniors) who have previously attended the retreat.

Participant Expectations

Have a good attitude

Have a desire to learn and share 

To fully participate in the Somos Rams experience 

To be inclusive and welcoming with one another; avoid clique behavior 

To reach out to the participants who seem isolated 

No Greek affiliation (letters, symbols)

Important Dates



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