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On behalf of El Centro’s staff, I would like to welcome you to our space. Students have always shared how El Centro has been a home away from home, helped them build connections, created their sense of belonging at the university, and most of all, exposed them to the resources available in both the office and throughout the campus. Please stop by and meet the incredible staff that work in El Centro!


Director of El Centro,

Dr. Guadalupe Salazar



NLHM Details

The National Latino Month is the period from September 15th through October 15th in the United States, when people recognize the contributions of Hispanic and Latino Americans to the United States and Celebrate the group's heritage and culture.



Triunfo Details

Triunfo/Triumph began in 1990, with a small group of PSD students and 20 CSU students and volunteers. Its goal; to close the achievement gap through weekly one-on-one tutoring in all academic areas. Triunfo/Triumph is open to all students without restrictions, providing free tutoring on CSU campus.


La Conexión

The purpose of La Conexión is to foster a strong sense of community, cultural pride, student engagement, and academic excellence for Latinx students at CSU. This program supports first-year, low-income, and first generation students through their transition to college by connecting them with people who are invested in their success.

Scholarship Details

The Elizabeth Woodworth Scholarship will be awarded on the basis of merit, financial need and the thoughtfulness of the essays. Students applying for this award must meet specific criteria. Please visit the office for more information.

Our Mission: The mission of El Centro is to provide support for the Latinx community at CSU and Fort Collins. We do this by encouraging student engagement, academic success, cultural pride, empowerment, and volunteer/leadership opportunities. We strive to promote an inclusive environment that focuses on awareness and understanding of the Latinx experience.



How to connect with El Centro

El Centro @ Colorado State University
Fort Collins, CO 80523
Phone: 970.491.5722
Fax: 970.491.2534








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