El Centro


Our Mission

The mission of El Centro is to provide support for the Latinx community at CSU and Fort Collins. We do this by encouraging student engagement, academic success, cultural pride, empowerment, and volunteer/leadership opportunities. We strive to promote an inclusive environment that focuses on awareness and understanding of the Latinx experience.

Who are we?

El Centro is energetic, welcoming, and inclusive with students who are excited about Colorado State University. We have resources to support personal, social, cultural, and academic needs to empower students and promote personal growth. We offer a place for discovering heritage, traditions, cultural awareness, and a diverse educational experience.

 Students can visit El Centro to relax, socialize, laugh, have dialogue, and build life-long memories. With dedication and motivation, we do all we can to assist students to be successful at Colorado State University. El Centro is a family, a “home away from home,” a place that provides a sense of belonging.

Brief History

1969 - 2009

In 1969 PROJECT GO was developed in an effort to incorporate the needs of all diverse students in an academic setting, specifically targeting students from ethnically diverse backgrounds and/or low income households. Its purpose was to identify and encourage economically disadvantaged students to continue their education beyond high school and to provide them with financial aid and academic support. In 1979 PROJECT GO became the Group Advocacy Program which comprised five offices: El Centro/Chicano Student Services, Black Student Services, Native American Student Services, Disables Student’s Programs, and Women’s Programs. Over the next few decades, the name changed from El Centro/Hispanic Student Services, El Centro Student Services, and finally El Centro in 2009.

2009 - Present

 It was at this time that the Group Advocacy Program became known as the Student Diversity Programs and Services (SDPS) and all seven offices represented under this umbrella also had a name change to signify unity. No matter the name of our office, the purpose of El Centro has always been to welcome, encourage, support and promote the Latinx students within the University. We assist all students in all subject areas in developing the skills necessary to achieve academic success at CSU. The staff strives to provide individual assistance in an effort to improve students’ knowledge and study skills. As we continue to preserve our ethnicity, we create an atmosphere that is safe and fosters mutual respect and dignity.


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LSC 1962


LSC 2010

LSC 2010



El Centro has been present through all three generations

Meet Our Staff

Professional Staff



Dr. Guadalupe Salazar

Director of El Centro








Our Office

Home Away From Home


El Centro creates a warm inviting environment at Colorado State University that makes you feel right at home. El Centro is a social space as well as one that can be utilized for academic purposes. As an office we strive to make a friendly community that shares the same cultural values and beliefs as the student visiting.

Professional Staff


 El Centro is committed to serving all students and providing a successful pathway to graduation; however, the primary focus is assisting Hispanic/Latinx students in having thriving and positive experiences at Colorado State University. This important commitment and dedication continues to be demonstrated through the delivery of a combination of the following resources; academic workshops, career preparation, mentoring opportunities, cultural enrichment programs, outreach efforts, and leadership/volunteer opportunities, all of this being overseen by the Director, Assistant Director, Office Coordinator and La Conexion team.

Student Staff


El Centro hires Colorado State University students to work as La Conexión Family Leaders and Office Coordinators. Family Leaders support first-year, first generation, low-income, Latinx students with their transition to CSU. Office Coordinators maintain the office while also organizing, planning, and promoting, El Centro events. Both roles help El Centro create a welcoming environment for all students.  

Social space

Everyone from first year students to seniors, graduate students, and even faculty and staff come and visit El Centro on a daily bases. This creates a friendly social environment. Even visiting the office once provides you with the opportunity to expand your social circle as you almost always meet someone new. In addition to that, the office reaches out to the CSU and Fort Collins community and gives students to expand their circles outside of the office.  Whether it be friendly or more business related, being involved with El Centro provides students with greater social opportunities.

Volunteer opportunities

El Centro provides students with many opportunities to reach out to the Fort Collins and CSU community. For many years Triunfo Tutoring Program has been an opportunity for students to get involved with the Fort Collins community through El Centro. Students have the opportunity to tutor Kindergarten through 5th grade students. In addition to that students will have various opportunities to be involved as a volunteer for different events hosted by the office.

Cultural Events


El Centro strives to promote Latinx culture around the CSU and Fort Collins communities.  We achieve this through hosting cultural programing and events all throughout the academic year. We are involved in several events from holidays to cultural fairs. Just some of the events El Centro hosts is National Latinx Heritage Month, El Dia de Los Muertos, World Unity Fair, Cesar Chavez Day, Cinco de Mayo, and many other events in collaboration with the Multicultural Greek Council.

Academic Workshops

It can be a bit difficult at times to know how to handle different situations. As a student outreach office El Centro will assist you in learning how to deal with these different situations. El Centro has hosted a variety of workshops surrounding issues that college students may face during their time here at CSU. Examples of past workshops are test anxiety, womens health, budgeting, and studying tips.



Ever feel like you have to squeeze into a small space in the library during those busy times of the semester. El Centro encourages academic success by providing a study space with several computers you can use to study.

Retreats & Conferences

El Centro Hosts two conferences and retreats throughout the academic year. The Somos Rams Leadership Retreat aims to inform first year students about campus resources, gives them the opportunity to network, and teaches them about cultural differences. The LEAD Conference is collaboration with the BAACC Office and provides opportunities for second year students to get a taste of the business world.  At LEAD students will have the opportunity to network with CSU Alumni and learn about business norms in different workshops.

Studying space

El Centro has all of the tools necessary to be successful on your journey through your degree program. Our new space will have all the equipment necessary to achieve this as well as different spaces for socializing and during those times when not socializing, a quit space.